Vegetables Peppers (Chili), Red Habanero - Capsicum frutescens
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Vegetables Peppers (Chili), Red Habanero - Capsicum frutescens

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A Scotch Bonnet–type infamous for its extreme heat, fiery Habanero registers a blistering 200,000–325,000 Scoville units, depending on how hot the growing season is, 30–80 times as hot as Early Jalapeño! Each 1½' plant will set 10–20 pendulous fruits that turn from dark green to red as they mature. Fruits are somewhat wrinkled from stem to tip. Their distinctive flavor makes them a key ingredient in West Indian jerk sauce. We recommend greenhouse culture for the northern third of our sales area where frequent nighttime temperatures below 70° make outdoor production iffy.

Days to Maturity: 90