Farm Life - At Home With Creme de la Crop


Leann has been practicing organic farming since 2002. She established the first Community Supported Agriculture program in a mid-size college town located an hour away from Chicago. Her maiden name, Landgrebe, which means "soil cultivator" in German, reflects her family's agricultural roots that span four generations. Leann is not only a farmer but also a designer. She worked for seven years at an architectural firm in Chicago while pursuing her passion for interior design. She has combined her love for beauty and happiness and wants to share it with others.

Leann and her husband, Robert, have a strong and loving relationship based on traditional European values. They enjoy cooking meals together and discussing their day. When Robert comes home from work, he pours Leann a glass of wine while making himself a Michelada. Together, they take their dogs, Luna and Vega, for a run on the beautiful rolling fields without a leash. Their dogs are an important part of their family, and they consider themselves a tight pack. After their walk, it's time to relax and enjoy a meal made mostly from local ingredients and produce grown on their farm. Spending quality time together is crucial for their healthy relationship, and they pride themselves on creating delicious and nutritious meals. They also want to share their cooking skills to help others live their best lives.