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The Tribute Box - Gift Box Set

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Earlier this year Vega and Robert, being the men of the house, got together and came up with some new products for our Creme de la Woof Line. We created the Merica Candle, the military-themed soap line consisting of Honor, Pride, Promise, and Stand Down.  Robert is very proud of his military service and Veterans Day is a holiday that is near and dear to his heart. 

This year Creme de la Crop has put together a special Tribute Box.  We think this will make a perfect gift for all Veterans in your life.  

On a more serious note, the mental health crisis has hit the Veteran community hard. Veterans with mental issues are fifty-seven percent more likely to commit suicide.  Many of you are familiar with the fact that on average twenty-two Veterans take their lives every day.  There are many organizations working to help the Veteran community and we have decided to donate eight dollars from every sale of the Tribute Box to the outreach program named Stop Soldier Suicide.  So when you make a purchase of the Tribute Box you are not only providing a gift that will be well appreciated, you are helping a great organization make a difference.  Feel free to visit their website by clicking their logo below.

Each Tribute Box includes one of the following:

- Merica Candle (Gunsmoke, Freedom & Bourbon):  The first in our "Just for Fun" line, Merica was dreamed up by our men and is visually vibrant and artfully layers scents of gunsmoke, fresh air, and Kentucky Bourbon. 

- Honor Soap (Leather Toasted Oak & Tonka Bean): Honor and respect are always earned, never given. This retro camo soap is an homage to the proud men and women that have donned the uniform to defend our country from all enemies.

Honor is a tribute to those who have served. It's evocative of bourbon, toasted oak, and tonka. Like a true warrior, it is smart and warm, but with a splash of ruggedness and danger.

- Promise Soap (Gunpowder, Musk & Moss): The promise of a new day. The promises you make to yourself about your goals for the day. Fuel that spirit and determination. Who doesn't love the smell of napalm in the morning?

Promise offers a fresh start to every day. Close the door on the missteps of the previous day with this soap offering the cleaner notes of gunpowder, mixed with rich musk and moss. 

- Pride Soap (Mountian Air, Tobacco Leaf & Eucalyptus): The colors Red, White, and Blue are represented in our flag which symbolizes our freedom.  Take pride in that freedom, and take pride in yourself. 

Pride is meant to make your spirits soar. It has a clean scent reminiscent of the wide open spaces that make this country great. With some underlying base notes of tobacco leaf and eucalyptus to round it out, Pride lets freedom and feeling great ring out.

- Stand Down Soap (Bourbon, Clove & Patchouli): You've been out there all day slaying it. Crushing those goals....realizing those dreams. It's time to treat yourself. It's time to indulge yourself with something warm and comforting.

Stand Down is there for you at the end of the day. It offers notes of bourbon, clove, and patchouli to warm and comfort your spirit. Re-energize your soul. Press the reset button and Stand Down.