Mini Mustard Jars
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Mini Mustard Jars

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Smaller Sizes of their Mustards...perfect for Gift Boxes or Baskets.

- Horseradish and Pepper Mustard: This semi-smooth mustard combines a trifecta of spicy pepper with the potent flavor of horseradish.

- Spicy Drunken Mustard: This whole grain mustard is made with beers from different NYS breweries. This changing ingredient lends a subtle nuance to each batch produced.

- Pub Style Bavarian Mustard: Our ‘Old World’ style whole grain mustard will make you believe you‘re in a Biergarten in Bavaria. With an exotic 'sweet heat’, it is the perfect accompaniment to sausages, bread, cheeses, and pretzels.

Net Weight: 4.3 oz (122g)