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Creme de la Crop

Naked Peach Spread- No Sugar Added, Blake Hill

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Exquisitely ripe, these succulent peaches have an acidic tang coupled with a naturally sweet and light floral taste. This delightful preserve offers a smoothness to the palate and is packed with the robust flavor this vibrant fruit carries.

Stir with a little lemon juice or white balsamic vinegar for a unique fruit salad dressing.  Combine with cinnamon for a delicious glaze over baked sticky buns or a nice, moist banana cake.  Check our Cooking with Jam recipe series for our "Sugar-free Naked Peach Rice Pudding" - one of many recipes that showcase how a simple dish becomes special with a jar of our jam!  


With no added sugar, artificial colorings, preservatives or sweeteners, our Naked Jam selection offers luxurious flavors in a healthier option. Naturally preserving the taste of summer with all-natural and 100% fruit simmered in pure fruit juice. This collection of artisan preserves has been described to be as light and refreshing as a bowl of fresh fruit!


Peaches (peaches, peach juice concentrate), pineapple juice concentrate, lemon juice, fruit pectin (10oz)