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Soy Candle - Forbidden Fruit (Pomegranate)

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100% Soy Wax, Hand-Poured Candle 13.5oz 

Fragrance Note:  Pomegranate, Red Current & Cedar

This candle is fruit-forward with hints of Pomegranate and citrus but also contains cedar undertones along with red currant to give it a rich and mellow finish.  We want you to enjoy these fragrances and think about the mischief these young boys had while enjoying the beautiful surroundings and gorging themselves on nature's bounty considered the Forbidden Fruit.  We think this candle with its citrus and pomegranate notes strengthened by its cedar undertones helps to make this a perfect transitional candle as we move from summer to fall.  

The Story Behind the Name:  When Robert was a young boy summering in his family's homeland in Croatia he used to do a little thing.  The cousins and he would get together, steal some fresh-cut tobacco that was harvested from the family's fields and climb up into the hillsides surrounding their home. They would find a nice boulder and make an impromptu camp. While they were there they would sit and smoke and talk and laugh.  In addition to this merriment, they were also blessed with the providence of pomegranate bushes, known as the Forbidden Fruit, growing wild around them.  Whichever way you would turn, there were big beautiful ripe pomegranates waiting to be pulled from the bushes.  At the end of the day, it was time to head home, and they would do so hyped up on nicotine with their chins stained with red pomegranate juice. 

Lable Notes:  The number printed on each of our candle labels indicates when we created it, like a vintage on a wine bottle. You will also find the fragrance notes listed on each jar.