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brulee- soy- front
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Soy Candle - Brulee (Burnt Caramel)

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Delight in the sophisticated ambiance of our Soy Candle - Brulee for a cozy, autumnal atmosphere. The perfect addition to a romantic dinner or the warmth of a comfortable blanket on a brisk evening. It will surely evoke a tranquil sensation as its exquisite scent of burnt caramel swirls through the air. Enjoy the allure of this delicate luxury and let the atmosphere bloom.

100% Soy Wax, Hand-Poured Candle 13.5oz

Fragrance Note:

Carmelized Sugar, Cream, and Nutmeg

Lable Notes:  The number printed on our candle labels indicates when we created it, like a vintage on a wine bottle. You will also find the fragrance notes listed on each jar.