butterfly weed- image
butterfly weed- image
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Flower, Butterfly Weed - Asclepias Tuberosa

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Especially attractive to pollinators. Also called Pleurisy Root. Native to North America and widely adapted, this bright sun-lover provides a bold splash of bright orange from June until frost. Vigorous mounded 2x2' plants bear broad 5" heads of waxy flowers attractive to butterflies and bees. Leaves are a food source for monarch butterfly larvae. Both the flowers and pointed seedpods are useful for cut-flower arrangements. Native Americans used roots to combat lung and throat troubles and to soothe wounds and sores. Germinates in 3 weeks at 70°. Choose a permanent site with well-drained fertile sandy soil because its tuberous roots do not like to be disturbed. Plant 18–24" apart. Cut when at least half the flowers are open. Use caution when handling cut butterfly weed as the sap can cause irritation. Slow to emerge in spring. Exceptionally drought-tolerant.

Height: 24"

Hardiness: Perennial in zones 4-9

Days to Maturity:  -