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bee balm- image
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Flower, Bee Balm, Panorama Red - Monarda Didyma

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The original true-red shade returns in all its glory after leaving the market for several years while the breeder retooled. Gardeners will be thrilled as this used to be our best-selling perennial and a stable red bee balm from seed is hard to come by. Bushy clumping 30" Panorama bears 1–2 whorls of red tubular flowers on each stem from mid to late summer. Also known as Oswego Tea: the Oswego Indians used the species for tea as did the colonial American separatists in their struggles with the British over tea taxes. Attractive to butterflies, hummingbirds, and, of course, bees, Monarda can grow in either sun or shade. In shade, its bloom time is lengthened but it can be blighted by powdery mildew (which lessens its attractiveness but not its longevity).

Height: 30"

Hardiness: Perennial in zones 4-9

Days to Maturity:  100