Beef - Ground Beef - Grassfed 20/20
Beef - Ground Beef - Grassfed 20/20
Beef - Ground Beef - Grassfed 20/20
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Beef - Ground Beef - Grassfed 20/20

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100% Grass-fed (and finished!) Beef and Pastured Pork offer:

  • A high-quality eating experience!
  • Never fed corn, grain or animal by-products.
  • Naturally raised without the use of growth hormones or antibiotics
  • Product purity: No growth hormones, GMOs or antibiotics used
  • Human health benefits (CLAs, Omega 3s,Omega 9s, etc.) – Independent research confirms grass based livestock products are best for human health.

Our Regenerative Practices offer: 

  • Animal age and source verification
  • Food safety – Inspected processing facilities and farm to table traceability
  • No GMOs, chemical herbicides or pesticides used on our pastures
  • Environmental Stewardship (Improves soil and water quality)
  • Humanely raised livestock who spend their entire lives with outdoor access!
  • Use of low-stress handling methods which makes for calmer, healthier livestock.
  • Local raised from Wisconsin family farms, who own our cooperative