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Creme de la Crop

Honey Straws - Organic Raw w/ Elderberry

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Each straw is a single teaspoon serving

What's better than a convenient raw honey stick with you on your walk, bike ride, or even in school and work? A raw honey stick INFUSED WITH ELDERBERRIES! Take a powerful and yummy immune booster with you everywhere you go. It's great for allergies too!

What's in the straws?

Just TWO Ingredients: Honey and elderberries!

Raw honey carefully infused with elderberries, re-filtered without excessive heat, and packaged into "on-the-go" straws - the Elderberry Honey packs a tasty punch to your immune system. With a stunning deep red coloration; this herb-infused raw honey will amaze you with its exotic berry flavor and aroma. More importantly, though, the elderberries add EVEN MORE Vitamin C, anti-oxidants, anti-inflammatory properties, and a LONG list of other interesting health benefits to the honey!


Start your mornings off right with a dose of THIS! Just snip the straw with some scissors, squeeze & drizzle it on your toast, salad, smoothie, in your tea or coffee - heck I just eat it straight out of the straw as is. It's AMAZING

Don't forget to put some in your kids' backpacks!

Precaution:  Babies under 12 months of age cannot eat raw honey because it can make them sick. Even though elderberries are safe & have been prized as medicine for centuries, if you are concerned for your health; please conduct your own research or consult with your physician. Otherwise - ENJOY