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Crème de la Crop is the area's first full scale certified organic food production farm, located in Valparaiso, Indiana, about one hour from Chicago. This organization was founded in 2003 by Leann Landgrebe Pelzel, on her family’s 4th generation run property. Leann and husband Chef Jason Pelzel have a hands-on, educational program, where they inspire future farmers through an apprentice program. Crème de la Crop specializes in growing heirloom varieties, known for excellent flavor, and will raise a small number of heritage egg laying chickens this season. Get connected to our history by taking a tour and help preserve agricultural farmland by becoming a member of our CSA Share Program. You are welcome to walk with us in the fields, savor the taste and beauty of our produce, and be inspired by what we offer through our volunteer program.

NEW! Certified Organic Chicken and Duck Eggs! Be among the first to acquire Certified Organic Eggs from the Farm. Please take part in our waiting list. Just email us and we will fill your orders accordingly, or you can request them when you pick up your share. Chicken Eggs are $6.00 per dozen (11 brown and 1 blue). Duck Eggs are not available yet. We will update once production is closer to date (you may still make your requests).

Sign up for the 2013 Community Supported Agriculture Fall/Winter Program! We are still accepting 2013 CSA Fall/Winter Applications for the 2013 CSA Fall/Winter season.

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