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Vegetables, Melon, Muskmelon, Halona - Cucumis Melo

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Often the earliest muskmelon to vine-ripen for me—Aug. 11 in the very warm 2012 season, Aug. 23 in the less warm one of 2014. Dependable, early, and easy to grow even for the melon-challenged, delivering unusual sweetness and muskiness, full flavor with a little compromise for the earliness. The 6" oval fruits averaged 2.8 lb for Alice Coyle and 3.0 for CR, boasting small seed cavities around thick sweet orange flesh. Achieved a 3.4 taste rating out of a possible 4 in Alice’s 2012 trial. Hers tested at 9.4 Brix, but it has been recorded as high as 14–15 in other trials. Enjoys a broad range of geographic adaptations. Tolerant to some F strains, resistant to PM.

Days to Maturity:  74