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Creme de la Crop

Vegetable, Cucumber (Pickling), Sassy - Cucumis Sativus

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Although rated mid-late season by its breeder, this cuke is sassy enough to produce like crazy in the early slot. Though some picklers tease you with a handful at first picking, a mere 3 Sassy plants yielded more than 25 flawless very dark green 4" fruits during their first week of harvest. Vigorous long vines, dark green healthy foliage, and predominately female flowers continue this bounty, barely slowing after 4 more harvest weeks. Uniform long narrow pickles are sweet, crisp, and thin-skinned. Perfect for whole dills, but versatile for any favorite pickle recipe. High resistance to scab and ANTH. Intermediate resistance to CMV, ALS, PM. 

Days to Maturity:  60