Tilsit Cheese
Eichtens Cheese

Tilsit Cheese

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5 oz Wedge 

Eichten’s Tilsit is an aged semi-hard pre-ripened cheese that has a texture of a Colby with hints of Cheddar at the end. It will age up to 7 years just like in Europe which helps develop the great flavor taste. Minnesota Born Cheese. Excellent in cheese trays, salads, cooked dishes, burgers, sandwiches, or by itself as a special snack.

*Pasteurized Fresh cow’s milk

*Vegetable rennet

*True European Culture

*We add no coloring, artificial flavors, or preservatives

*No GMO Rennet (our milk contains no growth hormones, antibiotics or rBGH.)

Aging Rooms: -aged 60 days and/or longer -precise temperature aging rooms -moved and turned daily for correct breathing and aging.

-The longer the aging period, the stronger the flavor.

Ingredients: Pasteurized Cow's Milk, Cheese Culture, Vegetable Rennet, Salt Brine

CONTAINS: MILK Storage: Refrigeration