Flower: Stock, Vintage Mix - Matthiola Incana
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Flower: Stock, Vintage Mix - Matthiola Incana

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Good in beds, borders and containers. Likes moderately fertile moist well-drained soil, full sun. Stocks are in the Brassica family; for good rotation, don’t plant them where you recently had brassicas or follow them with members of that family. 

A fragrant mix of pink, lavender, red, rose, peach, yellow, copper and white bred for larger flowers and early bloom. About half will have fully double blooms. Old-fashioned bedding plant, with multiple spikes of usually double flower clusters. Genus is named for Pierandrea Mattioli, a 16th-century Italian botanist, while incana means ‘hoary’ or ‘light grey,’ referring to its soft grey leaves.

Height: 15-20"

Hardiness: Annual

Days to Maturity:  120