Soy Candle - Tuppens (Ginger)
Soy Candle - Tuppens (Ginger)
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Soy Candle - Tuppens (Ginger)

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100% Soy Wax, Hand-Poured Candle 13.5oz

Fragrance Notes:  *Ginger, *Cedarwood, *Geranium, *Patchouli, Saffron, Amber, and Lemon 

*Essential Oil 

Zesty and warm, our Tuppens hand-poured soy candle features a striking modern scent, with bold notes of ginger, saffron, amber, and lemon. 

Meaning Behind the Name:  We were inspired to name this candle Tuppens after our beloved Jack Russell Terrier. She was a Show Dog, Master Hunter, and loved by everyone that came across her. Tuppen's facial features were an identical book-match, and her ears were a beautiful Copper color. The breeder felt that the English Name for Double-Sided Penny would be the perfect fit for the puppy and the name stuck. Now every time we light this warm Copper Colored Candle it reminds us of the little Princess.  

Lable Notes:  The number printed on each of our candle labels indicates when we created it, like a vintage on a wine bottle. You will also find the fragrance notes listed on each jar.

Please Note:  All candles are currently sold, without a lid, due to the national shortage and chain of distribution issues.