Book - A Small Star From Afar - Joslin Fitzgerald
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Book - A Small Star From Afar - Joslin Fitzgerald

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Have you ever wondered who you are? Have you ever pondered where you come? Well trying to answer those enchanting questions in the Land of Make Believe....the answer will always be the same, yet a little different for everybody. So as this precious book see Babies as Stars, we will all realize no matter who we are, that we have come from somewhere Afar. Therefore writing a darling, sweet, little tale to tell, that has been dedicated to all of the Stars in the World who have arrived near and far, we will all be touched by many funny things as well. Because writing about the Stars in our time who are here, and also speaking about the Stars who have not yet been seen, this neat book will share its fantasy as its pages talk about the Stars who have already arrived somewhere in a dream. And as it also shares it thoughts about the Stars caught somewhere in between.Also Stars still delivering, in those exciting arrivals day to night, this Twinkle in Your Eye Story, will also chat about Making Wishes a Reality for everybody. So Watching Dreams Come True, while opening up the delivery room door, now and before, past, present also in the future...this story will remind the young and the young at heart.....when Love Softly Calls, and when somebody somewhere is seen Wishing Upon a Small Star from Afar..... in the neat desired arrival for a sweet baby to open up someones door that......A STAR HAS JUST BEEN BORN FOREVERMORE!

Signed by the author herself!