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Creme de la Crop

Preserves - Big Red Preserves, Thornburg and Company

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The perfect blend of cherries and strawberries for a flavor explosion.  The sweet taste of the strawberries and the tartness of the cherries provide a burst of flavor blended together.  This preserve is named after our lighthouse here in Holland, it seemed appropriate since the flavor of these two red fruits provided a big blast of flavor when blended together!

Great for an everyday preserve but totally amazing to use as a dessert filling or blended into your yogurt or oatmeal.

At Thornburg and Company we always use simple ingredients, we always start with whole fruit (not fruit juice!!) as our number one ingredient. Our preserves are handmade without adding any type of commercial pectin, we only use the pectin that is found naturally in the fruits that we select. You can also be feel better knowing that everything on our label is a real food item. All of our products are prepared in our own state licensed commercial kitchen so there is no possibility of any cross contamination or exposure to any of the eight major food allergens. Gluten free and Vegan friendly. We are proud to be small business owners and live in our hometown of Holland, Michigan.