Béquet Gourmet Caramel 8 oz Gift Bag
Béquet Confections

Béquet Gourmet Caramel 8 oz Gift Bag

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We slow-simmer the finest ingredients to create the smoothest, creamiest, most exquisite tasting gourmet caramel. Each batch is hand-crafted under the watchful eye of a master caramel chef. Béquet® Gourmet Caramel contains no artificial colors, no artificial flavors, and no preservatives.

Their Signature Gift Bag comes in Celtic Sea Salt, Classic, Salt-Chocolate, and our "Best Sellers Mix" that includes Celtic Sea Salt, Salt-Chocolate, Classic Vanilla, Butterscotch, Green Apple, Salted Mocha, and Salted Butterscotch.

8 oz. Gift Bags contain an average of 19-20 pieces of Béquet Caramel.

Ingredients Non-GMO Brown Sugar, Non-GMO Tapioca Syrup, rbST-Free Heavy Cream, rbST-Free* Butter, (Chocolate and Salted Mocha Caramel contain Unsweetened Chocolate), Fructose, Milk, Sugar, Natural Flavor, (All Salt Caramel contain Sea Salt), (Espresso and Salted Mocha Caramel contain Coffee), (Chipotle Caramel contains Chipotle), (Mint Caramel contains Peppermint Oil), Salt.